Workshop on Indian Karnatic music


This Workshop on classical Karnatic vocal music from southern India will teach you the basics – both in theory and practice – of this ancient and sophisticated musical system. The enchanting notes of Karnatic music have great beneficial effects on body, mind and spirit, as this is considered a very elevated and spiritual art form. The workshop is open to anyone, no experience is required.

Instructor: Fiorella Rossi Pasotti is “Sangeet Shiromani” (jewel of music), graduate of Delhi University, India. A scholar and teacher of Karnatic music, she has written numerous articles on this subject and has held international lectures internationally. As  first westerner to graduate in this classical art form, she taught classes on Indian musicology at University of California, Berkeley (for post-graduate students in Ethnomusicology) as well as at San Francisco State University. She has also been teaching classes and giving lectures on Karnatic music in several Italian universities, such as lectures in Ethnomusicology at Università La Sapienza in Rome.

Fee: €70 (6 hours in total)Limited number of participants